May this serve as a sign of remembrance of the Light and Love that Is within Us all.


This symbol represents the Light of Awareness, or I AM-ness, that of which all Individuals unite to form this Great FAMily of Beings.



Someone once told Us that people cherish stories. We believe the greatest story is the one continuously being revealed by the Light Shining in all Individuals. This symbol may be translated into the words I Am…, I Love…, simply I…, or something else that is more easily understood. For example, a statement with the symbol accompanying it may read, “I AM THE DANCING QUEEN.”



United as One in this Great Big Family are so many things, what else do You see?

Story Teller


The Great Story of Life is told by the author, The Supreme Being within Us all. This Presence of Love narrates, authorizes, and illustrates The Story.

The Story is about realising the components of the Story. Realising the Present Greatness and Love that is here and has allways been here, all around Us and in everything.

Greatness of The Story

This Story is so great because it is allways told in the present tense, there is no need of rehearsal.


This Story is told perfectly every time through the language of Love, one language with many accents that all Individuals can understand. Coming into a full understanding of Our own Self is the greatest achievement One can conceive.

The Origin and The End


This Story began before the concept of time was conceived for all things are encompassed within The Essence of The Story.  This Story will in all ways and forever be told by and thru many forms and expressions of Love to come.